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Begins in March 2017* (See registration instructions below)


The Skills of Effective Leadership Learning Forum

“Building a Community of Leader’s – Making a Difference in the Lives of Many”

The “Skills of Effective Leadership Learning Forum” (SEL2F) is an online community of leaders.  The forum’s goal is to be a valuable resource for broadening the understanding, knowledge and effectiveness of each member’s practice of leadership.  Each member of the forum community is free to participate in planned and scheduled conversations with other leaders. Conversations will be on a broad range of topics that relate to the practice of leadership.  Members are invited and encouraged to actively participate and identify opportunities to improve their leadership knowledge and skills.  The intent is to continuously support Forum member’s efforts to grow their skills and find ways to apply their knowledge and enhance their personal mastery of the “art of leadership.”

Through SEL2F – “Skills of an Effective Leadership Learning Forum” you will be    a part of a growing network of leaders and will be invited to use that network to not only grow your skills, but also to learn ways of addressing real challenges faced by leaders on the line.  As the Forum’s membership grows, it is anticipated that there may become a need to develop “sub-forum” groups that reflect industry and/or discipline affinity as a means of enhancing the value of the Forum experience and the service interests of Forum members.

Remember, those buying a copy of the book have free membership for a year.  (This does not apply to e-books. However, e-book purchasers can join at a 50% reduction in the forum membership fee in the first year).

Immediate Benefits for those purchasing the book

  1. Free/Complimentary Membership for those who purchase the “The Skills of an Effective Leader.”
  2. For others who wish to participate in the forum, the price is $ 70.00 for our ten month program year (January – June and September – December).  This is a great value at $7 a month.
  3. Monthly online Forum Discussions

Benefits being planned for Forum Members

  1. Welcome Package  and Survey    
  2. Bi-weekly articles on leadership, leadership development and/or leadership performance
  3. Bi-Monthly Electronic Newsletter:  “The Forum”
  4. Industry Specific Sub-Forums

(In addition, these will be instituted as the Forum and its community grows)

  1. Forum Calendar of Events        
  2. Topic Request Registry – A place where you can guide the leadership discussions and help shape the Forum  agenda
  3. The Question Factory- A place where you can anonymously get insight and answers to questions you may have
  4. Archival Library
  5. Products and Services
  6. Forum Host Invitation Opportunities

Membership Costs

  • Yearly Subscription $ 70.00
  • Price and Discount Management
  • Purchaser of this Book – 1 year free membership
  • Web Registration and Word of Mouth Referrals
    • 90 day free trial
    • 1 Year Subscription
  • Existing Clients
    • 20% off your next one year subscription price
    • 30% off your 2 year subscription price


You will want to be a part of this community. We believe you will find that the price is bargain for the value that you will receive.

If you intend to be a part of the forum experience, please register below.

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